Danrelax 10'x8' Floating Dock, Inflatable Dock, Inflatable Island Platform with 3mm EVA Mat, High-Performance Mesh, Electric Pump for 1-Min Inflate/Deflate, Fits 10, Ideal for Lakes, Pools, Oceans

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  • [Versatile Floating Dock] Danrelax inflatable dock, 10'x8' and 6" thick, accommodates 2-10 people. Includes a 6.2'x3.5', 5" thick detachable floating island, perfect for enjoying a unique submerged net experience. A superb choice for lakes or pools, this inflatable floating dock enhances water activities, offering an immersive lounging and playful experience.
  • [Expansive Inflatable Dock] Danrelax's inflatable floating dock for 80 square feet of 6" thick premium space on lakes or pools. This inflatable island enhances gatherings or solo downtime. With a detachable 5" thick mini-dock adding 22 square feet, it creates a versatile floating platform. The elastic water net evolves into a netted water hammock, akin to a personal lounge pool. Perfect as an inflatable floating dock platform, it blends expansive and intimate water leisure seamlessly
  • [Stable & Comfortable Inflatable Dock] Equipped with a 3mm EVA non-slip mat for safety and 10 marine-grade D-rings for secure attachment, this dock offers unparalleled stability. Features 8 durable grab handles for easy access, making it perfect as a floating dock or island in lakes and pools. Ideal for enhancing water activities with comfort.
  • [Effortless Setup] Danrelax's inflatable dock offers a straightforward setup and storage process, complete with an electric pump for inflation/deflation in under 1 minute, a carrying bag, and a repair kit. Dual HR Valves guarantee a secure seal, keeping the pressure below 10PSI for optimal durability. Roll up after deflation, don't fold, for storage to preserve shape and integrity.
  • [Ideal Launch Pad] The Danrelax floating dock excels as a versatile launch pad for watersports, offering a sturdy base for parties, swimming, yoga, lounging, sunbathing, paddleboarding, or as a boat's floating deck. It's constructed for reliability in any water activity, ensuring a secure spot for both gear and relaxation. For best performance, inflate fully and let it sit for 2-3 days before use; after activities, roll it up to avoid creases, preserving its condition and functionality.
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